Freedom Through Awareness

From the mind of John McAfee, secure your information with DCentral1 - easily audit app permissions on your mobile device, and see which apps leak your private information.

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DCentral1 lets you audit app permissions on your mobile device!

One touch scans installed applications for permissions on your device that make your information vulnerable.

  Location Access

Applications can track when and where you are. Some apps record this info and make it publicly visible.

  System Access

When granted full system access, apps can make unauthorized changes to critical settings.

  Phone Access

Full phone access allows apps to text, make & record calls - even without telling you or leaving any record.

  Camera Access

Apps can activate your camera & microphone without your permission - then store images remotely.

  Personal Info

Personal info, address books & numbers, email addresses, pictures - even your internet history and browsing habits.

  Keep Yourself Safe

Some applications need these permissions in order to provide services to their users; however, often even well-meaning apps ask for much more access than they really need. Even if the app developer has good intentions, excessive permissions still pose a risk of exploitation. A virus can cause issues without us even wanting to install it - what happens when we willingly allow access to our information?

Control Your Privacy
DCentral1 helps you make safer decisions about the apps you use everyday.