Your Privacy, Under Your Control

With the swipe of your finger, instantly enable and disable various features on your phone including your camera, mic, bluetooth, & WiFi! Instant alerts when apps use those features, and detailed privacy information for your installed and system apps!

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D-Vasive lets you monitor and block app permissions on your mobile device!

With dozens of features and a unique, intuitive interface, D-Vasive brings you full control over invasive apps.

Lock Your Hardware

Easily lock and deny software access to your camera, mic, WiFi, and bluetooth.

Send Alerts

Flag various services to receive visual and audio alerts when apps attempt to access them.

In-Depth Permission Scans

Scan and list installed and system (pre-installed) apps on your phones, showing you what
permissions each app requires and how they affect your privacy & security.

Quickly "Shackle" Your Device

Finishing a call as you walk into a meeting, or quickly transitioning between public
and private conversations? With a touch, instantly disable all of the above hardware devices
that might otherwise compromise your security!

Control Your Privacy
D-Vasive gives you the tools and information you need to take back control of your information!