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Through offering innovative mobile and web applications with the highest degree of security, we empower you with the knowledge and awareness you need to make better informed decisions about your lifestyle and personal information.

DCentral1 Freedom Through Awareness

One touch scans installed applications for permissions on your device that make your information vulnerable. Available now for Android, and available soon for iOS devices!

Our flagship product, DCentral1 has been succeeded by D-Vasive, which offers the same functionality, with enhanced features such as the ability to monitor & even completely block apps from using your WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, & more!

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STTarx™ Hyper-Secure Global Intranet

STTarx™ software turns a network into a globally-scalable, completely secure intranet. STTarx™ is verifiably immune to malicious hacking and intrusion, and even mitigates DDoS attacks by ignoring unauthorized communication attempts. Even better, STTarx™ has an incredibly small footprint and runs alongside your existing software & code, plus it requires no extra hardware to install or run! SAFETY-Act certified by the DHS!

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Chadder Private & Secure Messaging

Built from the ground up with security & privacy in mind, Chadder encrypts its messages in such a way that no one can read them - not even Chadder developers. By utilizing keyserver encryption, Chadder is the way messaging should be - with your privacy at the forefront.

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QiKfunder Crowdfunding Your Future

QiKfunder is the security and privacy-minded crowdfunding company that provides the most fluid experience in the industry. QiKfunder brings ideas to life with the community's help. QiKfunder offers various features such as support for multiple languages, a unique Sliding Scale funding model, and more!

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BlackCert Secure & Affordable SSL Solutions

BlackCert provides affordable digital SSL certificates that secure devices, servers, apps and networks with the highest grade product in the industry!

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D-Vasive Your Privacy, Under Your Control

Instantly block apps from accessing your camera, microphone, & other devices. Plus, get visual and audible alerts for access attempts and in-depth privacy risk assessments for your apps.

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BrownList A Better Way to File Complaints!

Post a complaint about anything, as long as you suggest a solution. Others can suggest alternative solutions you might not have considered, and with enough support the entity you complained about will be notified!

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FetalBeats Listen to your baby's heartbeat in the comfort of your own phone!

Simple & Easy to Use! Hear and record your baby's heartbeat in the privacy of your own home, and easily share with your family and friends!

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Everykey No more Keys. No more Passwords.

Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.

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